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  • Chinese cuisine
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Strategically located in three major San Gabriel Valley cities that are easily accessible by the Chinese community as well as the diversified LA populace, 101 Noodle Express is a local favorite to all with its signature beef rolls, hand-stretched noodles, the

 array of delicious dumplings (boiled, steamed or fried), house specialty chickens and other mouth-watering dishes that have conquered picky eaters, connoisseurs of Chinese food, gourmands and food critics. 

As any owner of the Chinese restaurant will readily confess that under the big umbrella of the term “Chinese food,” the real challenge lies in the creation of dishes that every Chinese family makes at home. While palatial banquet-style seafood restaurants have their followers, it takes genuine skill and satisfying products for people to spend money on food as homey as dumplings and noodles.  101 Noodle Express, a restaurant with a deceptively simple name, has many pleasant surprises awaiting you, and all within an extremely reasonable budget.  


It started a few years ago in Alhambra with three house specialties: the famed De Zhou Chicken, created with age-old recipe to achieve the deep-tanned, tender, herbal-flavored taste and slippery feel; the Beef Roll, constructed with crispy pancakes wrapped around simmered beef, veggie combo and special sauce; and Dumplings, made creatively with such ingredients as fish, pumpkin and wild vegetables as well as orthodox fillings.  The small eatery quickly found its niche and necessity to expand.

Now, apart from the three venues, 101 Noodle Express boasts a central, factory-like kitchen to secure quality control of its franchises.  Like all popular products, versions of 101 Noodle Express’s dishes have appeared in various restaurants, but strong word of mouth and numerous returning customers attest to its unquestioned dominance.  

In 2010, 101 Noodle Express launched “hand-stretched noodle soup,” and it became an immediate sensation which brought the thousand-year-old culinary art to the table tops of its LA outlets. The hand-pulled dough comes with a distinctively springy texture.  When combined with broth, its wide ruffled strands yield a chewy, plump, and bouncy feel, brilliantly absorbing flavors produced by accompanying beef, lamb, shrimp or pork rib.  

Dedicated to local and organic ingredients, the owner of the 101 Noodle Express franchise, Mr. Tan, strives to ensure freshness and healthy eating while keeping the cost low for customers.  He personally oversees all aspects of the operation, with a special focus on supplies.  Almost all of the restaurant’s famous homey items are under $10, making it one of the most sought-after best bargains in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Along with memorable gourmet enjoyment, the comfortable and easy amenities and convenient décor of enlarged photos of specialties will make dining at 101 Noodle Express a much treasured experience that guarantees many happy returns!